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Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy. reiki kanji


The Usui System of Reiki is a natural healing art using this power to balance the body's energy,
giving it the permission and support it needs to heal itself. Reiki is a safe and nurturing technique
with profound results.


For a referenced history of Reiki taken from Reiki, The Healing Touch, click here.


A Reiki treatment is a hands-on, therapeutic transfer of energy through the practitioner to the receiver. The Reiki practitioner is a channel for the Universal Life Energy and, as such, is not actually doing the healing. Reiki can relieve pain and acute symptoms quite rapidly while more chronic problems may require extensive treatment. Reiki works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to medical and non-medical treatment and therapy.

It is in the simultaneous healing of mind, body, emotion, and spirit that transformation can occur...



Anyone can learn Reiki-Seichim with no prerequisite other than willingness, openness, and a desire to learn.

1st Degree Reiki-Seichim is taught in a two-day class, which includes four attunements to empower the healing channel to awaken. Each student will learn hand positions and will give and receive a full treatment. Many find the initiation process of connecting to Reiki-Seichim to be one of the deepest and most moving experiences of their lives.

2nd Degree Reiki-Seichim, also taught in a two-day class, means going deeper with Reiki and yourself. The class involves the sharing of ancient symbols for invoking more energy, for deep emotional and mental healing, and for healing through time and space. This level also brings about profound shifts in a person's life and awareness.

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The Reiki Healing Circle is a support group for Reiki practitioners. We meet once a month, on the 1st Thursday, from 7-9:00 pm, to join in a world healing meditation and exchange reiki treatments. It is open to all Reiki initiates. Reiki Healing Circle is held at the Seichim Center located in the beautiful foothills of the Coast Range near Corvallis, Oregon. A $5-$10 donation is requested.


Come spend a delightful day resting and relaxing in the Reiki vibration at the Seichim Center, a beautiful oasis in the country west of Corvallis. The day will be spent giving and receiving Reiki treatments and sending healing Reiki to our friends, our family, and our planet. Bring your lunch and a flower for the altar. This event is given as an offering to all Reiki practitioners, but donations are always gratefully accepted.

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Margot Vance-Borland was initiated into the First Degree by Hawawo Takata in 1973.
Her Second Degree initiation was in 1991and her initiation into the Third Degree was in 1994.
Reiki has become a full-time part of her life and body work practice.
Teaching Reiki-Seichim has become a focal point of her work as more people choose to add this blessing to their lives.
If you are interested in experiencing this form of therapy, please call for an introductory appointment.


In Corvallis, Oregon:
The Crees Building
230 SW Third St, # 203
Corvallis OR 97333
PH: 541-754-3595

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