What is hakomi mindfulness therapy?

Based on a trust that everyone has the inner wisdom and power for self-healing, the Hakomi method of therapy uses mindfulness, non-violence, and body awareness to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

Hakomi, believed to be a Hopi word, is often translated as “Where do I stand in relation to these many realms?” …or, “Who am I?”

Recognizing that mind and body jointly express and reflect our most deeply held beliefs about self and the outside world, Hakomi explores this mind/body connection to bring out core, usually unconscious beliefs, to conscious awareness. From the body’s structure, tensions, movements, sensations and impulses, we gain information about our self-image and general way of being in the world.

Hakomi’s exploration happens in a special state of consciousness called mindfulness.

How does Margot practice hakomi therapy?

Margot has been using Hakomi Mindfulness Therapy with clients for over thirty years. She originally trained for 2 ½ years, from 1988 until 1992, with Pat Ogden.  Pat’s work is now called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and is recognized internationally for its effectiveness in working with trauma and other emotional disorders. Margot’s sessions invite people to “go inside,” and to feel, from a very deep state of consciousness, the physical sensations, feelings, visions, and memories that reside deeply within each of us. With gentle presence and support, she is able to help clients find within themselves the compassion and inner resources to help heal the wounded inner child. Clients report feeling lighter and more open….and they also report that the old beliefs and patterns associated with past events, have begun to disperse. New, more positive and affirming beliefs spontaneously come forth to take their place. This kind of work does not involve the therapist “fixing” the client. Instead, the therapist leads the client to their own deeper understanding of the truth that lies within each one of us. It leads to that place of inner knowing.

Who can benefit from hakomi?

Easily available to almost everyone, Hakomi is a state in which one not only has experiences, but is able to “stand outside” the experience to notice its qualities, specifics, and framework. Applying mindfulness to present experiences, we are able to search gently beneath our emotional attitudes and behavior patterns, to find the basic images, memories, and beliefs which shape our experiences.

What is reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy. The Usui System of Reiki is a natural healing art using this power to balance the body's energy, giving it the permission and support it needs to heal itself. Reiki is a safe and nurturing technique with profound results.

For a referenced history of Reiki, read more on reiki.org

How does reiki work?

A Reiki treatment is a hands-on, therapeutic transfer of energy through the practitioner to the receiver. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the Universal Life Energy and, as such, is not actually doing the healing. Reiki can relieve pain and acute symptoms quite rapidly while more chronic problems may require extensive treatment. Reiki works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to medical and non-medical treatment and therapy, and in many cases can speed the healing process.


Anyone can learn Reiki-Seichim with no prerequisite other than willingness, openness, and a desire to learn.

1st Degree Reiki-Seichim is taught in a one or two day class (depending on the number of students), which includes four attunements to empower the healing channel to awaken. Each student will learn hand positions and will give and receive a full treatment. Many find the initiation process of connecting to Reiki-Seichim to be one of the deepest and most moving experiences of their lives.

2nd Degree Reiki-Seichim, also taught in a one or two day class, means going deeper with Reiki and yourself. The class involves the sharing of ancient symbols for invoking more energy, for deep emotional and mental healing, and for healing through time and space. This level also brings about profound shifts in a person's life and awareness.

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