"Reikimaster Margot Vance-Borland is an amazingly gifted and intuitive healer who I have known many years and experienced her healing gifts. She's the real deal folks. Even more than that, Margot displays a jovial happiness in life that is infectious and beautiful. I love and respect her deeply and always will. Do yourself a favor and head to the Seichim Center for some good vibes! "

— Salini T.


"Margot is the GO TO Reiki in Corvallis. She is a phenomenal counselor and has the magical gift of a healer. She is kind and intuitive. Margot will give you the tools to not only find that place of healing within yourself, she will open those spaces that are needing light and shine on them."

— Angie l.


“Wonderful, gentle teacher and healer to many. Margot assists in healing the body and the mind through her many skills. As a Reiki Master, her sessions are insightful and extremely helpful for anyone who is "stuck".”



“Margot is such a warm and loving person and amazing healer. Truly a gift to Corvallis.”



Reiki: I have often felt over the years that I am so lucky to have found Margot to be my reiki 1 and reiki 2 teacher for many reasons. Firstly, because she holds the knowledge and wisdom from her teachers with such respect and gratitude so that her students receive that honor and carry it into their own practice. Secondly, Margot helped me to trust my own intuition and connection to spirit within sessions that I give—this helped me tremendously as I began my journey in the healing world, as well as in my own life and healing. I only wish I could have had done reiki master level with Margot!

Hakomi: Being in sessions with Margot is like being with the wise elder/mother you always wanted. Her gentle but firm/grounded strength and loads of love are so palpable that I immediately trusted her, which allowed me to go deep into the places that so needed my attention and love. I experienced deep healing around my female lineage and the weight we have carried. And because I felt it in my body and was able to work with it in the present, with Margot’s guidance and presence, the healing has lasted for many years. “

–Ayla D.

“I would like to tell you about a dream I had about you about three weeks ago wherein you gave me a big glass sphere of light that I was to use by putting it on the top of my head where it would sink down through my body. You and Reiki One made quite an impression on me”